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The course is a amazing, sure.

But there's still lots of questions that you need help with a little more real-time. That's what our community is for! The gang on slack are always willing to help out a fellow MCMer.

Ok so what the heck is Slack??
Slack has taken the world by storm as a very valuable communications and community tool. We're using it for our top tier student to be able to collaborate

Stuff already happening in here:

  • The occasional drop in from Derek Webb and other amazing teachers and staff
  • Comparing notes on how best to apply what you learn in MCM
  • Share song ideas and collaborative digital song writing sessions
  • and the most valuable.... Learning that YOU'RE NOT ALONE. There are other people working really hard just like you are and together we're all stronger!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the group?
There is a Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, and web (browser) based version. So... pretty much anywhere.
Is there only group chat or can I speak to people privately?
There's both! There are several community created "channels" that you can join in on. Or if you need to strike up a chat with a private group, you can start a private DM.
Do I get to talk to Derek??
Occasionally yes. He's a pretty busy guy, but still really enjoys popping in to see how things are going.
Is this a real course?
Nope, we're cheating a little and using the course system to get you access to the private group. There's 1 lesson in there that has instructions on how to access everything once you join.
What happens after I join?
Usually within a few minutes you'll get an invite email from Slack with instructions on how to join. In some cases it make take up to a full day to show up. If you hit more than 2 days without the email, check you spam folder, then contact us if it hasn't shown up.